PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Feild Therapy)

PEMF therapy specifically targets the compromised part of the body and significantly increases the electrical gradient of your cells, thus considerably improving the cells ability to repair and heal.  PEMF is like a battery charger for the human cell. PEMF has been shown to decrease inflammation, increase cellular oxygen absorption, and promote healing. 

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Due to injuries sustained in a very serious automobile accident many years ago, I’ve had numerous back and hip problems. As time has passed the pain from those injures has magnified. There were some days I had a hard time just standing up. The pain interfered with my daily routine and hobbies. I also developed shoulder pain and was prescribed cortisone shots by my medical doctor. Since using the PEMF Therapy, I feel so much better and happier. I feel a general improvement in my overall wellbeing. My shoulder pain has greatly reduced and has increased in movement. I will continue with the PEMF therapy and forget the cortisone shots.

Sandy S.


I had developed a limp due to arthritis in my hip. It was very noticeable and I was experiencing a high level of pain. With spinal adjustments from Dr. Rauch, my hip movement was greatly improved, but was still causing me discomfort. I was unsure about the PEMF therapy, but after the first treatment, I noticed that the pain was reduced and my hip became more mobile. The PEMF treatments, coupled with twice daily hip exercises, has given me the ability to accomplish my daily tasks and even walk farther than I was previously able to.

Aggie M. 


I had very limited range of motion in my right shoulder and had a lot of referred pain in my right upper arm from the shoulder. After my first PEMF treatment, almost immediately I felt moderate relief from the pain. By the end of the next day, my pain was gone and my range of motion had returned to normal. Thanks to the PEMF and especially to Dr. Rauch.

Ron N. 


Severe neck, arm, and shoulder pain prevented me from doing ANYTHING. I also suffered from migraines. PEMF rocks! After only four treatments, my neck, shoulder, and arm pain is gone! My migraines which, at times, were debilitating, confining me to bed are gone as well. Six months of physical therapy did not work, but PEMF did. Thank you, Dr. Rauch for giving me my life back!

Karen G.